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                                                      We help you to connect climate
                                                 change and its solutions to
learning objectives, from the new science common core content
to social studies, practical living skills and persuasive writing.  
Teachers!  We help
you to
show students
how what you teach
matters to them.
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PLEASE ACT NOW:  Help Block LG&E/KU's Efforts to Cut the
Economic Benefits of Energy Efficiency and Solar Energy
Click here to help us to fight this attack on E2 & solar energy.
Louisville Gas & Electric Co. and Kentucky
Utilities have filled a rate case with the Public
Service Commission
, seeking to restructure their
rates so all customers would have to pay h
meter fees, regardless of how much electricity
they use.  
LG&E is asking to do the same with its
gas rates.  
If approved, these fee hikes would cut
the paybacks reaped by rate-payers who install
energy efficiency (E2) measures or tap solar
energy for electricity or hot water.