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Write the Kentucky Attorney General today!

Your comments are needed to inform Kentucky Attorney General Russell Coleman that many of his constituents disapprove of his recent joining of lawsuits to stop federal regulations designed to create a greener, more efficient economy. 


Over the last several weeks, AG Coleman has joined attorneys general in several coal-producing states to file lawsuits that seek to undo federal regulations that would create new limits on emissions from fossil-fuel powered electric power plants and on tailpipe emissions from automobiles and other vehicles that burn fossil fuels. 


AG Coleman has joined these lawsuits on his own volition, without prior discussion or consultation with the governor or other state cabinet officials.  In a press release announcing his latest lawsuit, Coleman’s office used vitriolic language that misleadingly describes the regulations as a scheme devised by “environmental extremists.” 


It’s important that the Attorney General understand that there are many ordinary Kentuckians who are deeply concerned about our energy future, and who are committed to working for sustainable, economically beneficial ways of generating and using energy that will pave the road to a bright future.


You can contact the Attorney General at his online comments form here:

Contact Us - Kentucky Attorney General

Here are suggested talking points for your consideration and personalization:


Dear Attorney General Coleman,

I’m writing to express my dismay that your office joined federal lawsuits that seek to dismantle federal regulations designed to help Kentuckians transition toward an economy where efficient, sustainable energy sources create jobs and economic development across the Commonwealth. 


It appears your office has joined these lawsuits without consulting with the governor or other Kentucky Cabinet officials. And certainly you have joined them without any meaningful attempt to discuss these issues with affected citizens of the Commonwealth.  Please use my tax dollars more responsibly.


I’m equally concerned by the inflammatory language in your May 9, 2024 Press Release that falsely describes the new EPA regulations as, “…the latest package of job-killing energy regulations that would drive up prices on Kentucky families.”


Clearly, the intent of the regulations is to provide incentives to generate electricity more efficiently, while reducing the significant impact of carbon emissions.


The path to the future is not paved with scare tactics and political rhetoric. Rather it requires thoughtful, intelligent discourse and commitment to positive outcomes. As a concerned citizen of this Commonwealth, I ask that you discontinue support of these lawsuits and use your office to engage in meaningful dialogue with Kentucky residents, businesses and non-profit organizations, as well as your colleagues in other parts of state government, about how we can and should work together to create a real and equitable transition to a greener, more sustainable, more efficient economy.

Your Name

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