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LCAN's Top Tips for a HealthyEarthDay@Home

It's fun!  Walk facing traffic.  Take your or a neighbor's dog.  Ride a bike with traffic, and wear a helmet!

Start Composting

Mix about three parts "brown" stuff with one part "green" stuff.

Shorten Your Shower

The average is 9 minutes.  How long do you shower?

Launder in Cold Water

Most detergents are made for cold water anyway.

Sign Up for Green Power

Sign up for Renewable Energy Credit power from LG&E for $5/mo.

Share Stories

Ask others about their first Earth Day, and their hopes for this one.

Download a tree or bird app

Some great beginner apps for iOS and Android devices are available free.

Mail a note or postcard or use social media.

Try the Recycle Coach app

It's free and available for iOS and Android devices.

Sketch or write about nature

Illustrate your writing or post your sketch on your fridge.

Horticultural Therapy

From starting lettuce in a big pot to planting a garden or tree, get your hands dirty.

Show others how you celebrated by posting photos to your social media accounts.

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