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Next year, the federal tax credit will drop and net-metering likely will be made unfair in Ky.  Install now!

Photo by Robert Dorzback

Photo by Robert Dorzeback

Clean, Renewable Solar Power = A Healthier Louisville

Asthma is triggered by air pollution and the #1 reason Louisville kids miss school.  Solar power emits no pollution, supports local jobs and cools our planet.  Kentucky receives 50% more sunshine than Germany—the world solar power leader.  Louisville CAN go solar!

Want to power your home or business with the sun?  Consult LCAN's "Top Tips for Going Solar."  The American Solar Energy Society offers more helpful resources, too.

Two significant new developments may influence your planning:


Tax Credit Reduction

The federal tax credit for installing solar power panels on your home or business will go from 30% this year to 26% in 2020.  

Changes in Net-Metering

Under tremendous pressure from the electric utility monopolies -- including $327,050 in campaign contributions -- the majority of the Kentucky General Assembly voted to alter net metering in ways intended to extend those monopolies onto the sun.  Sometime between January 2020 and May 2020, the rules will change, and likely very significantly for most consumers.  Learn more.


If your solar project is installed beforehand, you still have a right to the existing net-metering rules for 25 years.  If considering a commercial project able to use all of its power as it's produced, you probably don't need to be concerned about these changes.

LCAN will provide additional guidance here, including tips on power storage, as soon as it can be developed.

Net Metering Infographic, SIEA.png