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Write the Public Service Commisson today!

Louisville Gas & Electric Co.-Kentucky Utilities, Inc., owned by Pittsburgh-based, investor-owned PPL, seek Ky. Public Service Commission approval to build two new gas-fired power plants.  Customers would pay $1.3 billion to build them, more to operate them -- and still more for profit. 


To be fair, they also propose to install more solar panels, reinstate some efficiency programs and shut down four coal-fired plants, but they're old and in need of investment if even still usable.  One is 80 years old and hasn't been used in years; imagine if LG&E-KU could operate the proposed new fossil-fueled plants for even 50 years.  Enough already! 


Learn more from WFPL, and The C-J.

Please take these important steps before October 4th, and ideally sooner:

  1. Read the news items, linked above.

  2. (optional) Read LCAN's comments.

  3. Send your own comments via email to with "Case 2020-00402" in your subject line.

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