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from an LG&E natural gas pipeline!

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Louisville Gas & Electric Co., owned by Pittsburgh-based, for-profit PPL, is trying to use the government's power of eminent domain to force a new natural gas pipeline through the above section of much loved Bernheim Forest.  LG&E wants a 50' permanent easement (which it would keep mowed, if not apply herbicides, too) plus a 50' construction easement (that wouldn't recover for decades).  That tract hosts endangered, imperiled and rare species, which likely wouldn't be able to migrate across the easements to adapt to climate change.  LG&E says the gas is needed to support new development in Bullitt County. 

UPDATE:  The KY Transportation Cabinet proposed an interstate highway between I-65 and I-71, also through Bernheim Forest, but recently announced it will build elsewhere, as required by federal law.

Here's LCAN's take on the proposed pipeline:


  • We understand it's easier to take one big easement than small easements from numerous small landholders, but the pipeline should go around this national treasure and its vulnerable species, some found nowhere else in the world.

  • If LG&E were truly concerned about having enough gas for its customers, it wouldn't have killed its efficiency incentives programs----as it did this year.  LCAN suspects LG&E would rather sell more gas and earn more profit on a new asset.

  • Suburban sprawl is structurally dependent on unsustainable private, automotive transportation.  Extended utilities lead to sprawl where it otherwise wouldn't be built.  Our climate needs less sprawl and more, not fewer, trees. 

  • If LG&E can use the government's powers of eminent domain through a land trust, all Kentucky land trusts will be at risk.


Please support Bernheim Forest by signing the petition and authorizing the email appeals conveniently provided here.  

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