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Geoffrey Hobin, MPA,

Geoff Hobin, here, wearing a climate-data tie, is the Transit Authority of River City’s Capital Projects Administrator.  While administering TARC's federal and state grants, and managing its capital improvement program, he seizes opportunities to make TARC—and the community it serves—more economically and environmentally sustainable.  He managed the development of TARC’s sustainability program, installation of bike racks on all buses, construction of a LEED Gold-certified maintenance and training facility, introduction of battery-electric buses and many building energy efficiency projects.  While working to reduce TARC’s fleet emissions, he reduces his own by commuting to work by bicycle.

Priya Darsi.JPG

Priya Darsi,
Recording Secretary

Priya is a nimble product-management professional who brings high quality, high value solutions to meet the needs of consumers, and improves products based on data and metrics.  With expertise in Agile methodologies, she delivers projects on time and on budget.  She has a BS from the Vellore Institute of Technology (2006) in India, an MS from the University of Leeds (2008) (home of Louisville's English sister city) and an Associate's degree in Computer Information Sciences (2015) from the University of Louisville.  She and her husband are raising two young children.


Charlie Cunningham, Jr

Charlie earned a Bachelor of Applied Sciences degree in environmental engineering from the University of Louisville and a Juris Doctor from the University of Kentucky.  After practicing law as a general practice attorney with a focus on environmental litigation, he was appointed to serve as a Jefferson circuit court judge. He was thereafter twice elected by voters, and served for over 14 years.  He was voted Judge of the Year in 2022 by the Louisville Bar Association. He recently retired from the bench and is now transitioning to serve as a mediator. Charlie also will be working on a website for continuing education for judges across the US seeking to build their understanding of the science impacting climate-related case before them.

Smock, Cathy, Preferred Shot.JPG

Cathy Smock, Vice-President

Cathy Smock, who co-chairs the LCAN Book Club with board colleague Margaret Carreiro, has been advocating for environmental sanity ever since she worked on the successful campaign to stop the Marble Hill nuclear power plant, 25 miles from Louisville.  A nurse by training, she has lived her life in service to young people.  She raised three children, and taught knitting and crocheting to countless others at the local schools in the past 25 years. Taking inspiration from Cat Stevens – "Tell me, where will the children play?" – Cathy sees service to others as good, but service to the planet as imperative.

Kuppersmith, Nancy, square.jpeg

Nancy Kuppersmith, Corresponding Secretary

Nancy Kuppersmith, MS, earned her Bachelor degree in dietetics from the University of Wisconsin--Stout and MS in clinical nutrition from UK.  As a registered dietitian/nutritionist, she taught clinical dietetics at Spalding University and the University of Louisville (UofL).  Nancy served as nutritionist for the old St. Anthony's Hospital, Louisville Memorial Hospital and Lexington's Senior Citizen Nutrition Program, before serving as Director of

Nutrition for the UofL Pediatrics Dept.  More recently, she was in private practice, providing counseling on nutrition and wellness, especially weight management and food issues.  Besides her certifications and professional associations, Nancy's awards include a group Grawemeyer Award in Education (1988) for a program for incoming medical students.


Deb McChane

Deb recently retired from a career as an actuary and consultant, advising large employers and unions in the design, pricing and administration of their employee benefit programs.  She earned a BS in actuarial science from the University of Nebraska.  She is a longtime volunteer at the Family Community Clinic in Louisville.  In retirement, her focus is on social and environmental activism, gardening, hiking, biking, camping and serving on multiple committees and projects at her church.

Tim Darst.jpeg

Tim Darst, CPA,Treasurer

Tim Darst is an environmental science instructor at Bellarmine University and the Associate Director of Environmental Literacy at the Passionist Earth & Spirit Center.  He founded and is the former Executive Director of Ky. Interfaith Power & Light, a nonprofit organization helping people make the connection between theology and ecology.  He holds an MAT in environmental education from the University of Louisville, and a MA in Sustainability & Environmental Management from Harvard University.  He also serves on the Louisville Sustainability Council and Louisville Earth Walk boards and on the Metro Government Waste Management District’s Advisory Committee.

Carreiro, 2, enhanced.jpeg

Margaret Carreiro, PhD

Margaret Carreiro earned her PhD in Botany from Univ. of Rhode Island.  She taught in UofL’s Biology Dept. from 2001 until retiring in 2018.  Her research focused on plants and decomposer organisms, including their responses to fossil-fuels combustion and invasive species.  Her Ecology courses included climate change, its causes, impacts and solutions.  Dr. Carreiro wrote the Urban Forestry section of the Louisville's Climate Change Action Task Force's 2008 report to the mayor, and the Louisville Tree Board's guidelines for the first local tree-canopy assessment and its urban forest-management program.  Several LCAN videos feature Margaret, inspiring others to turn their yards into native species conservation areas.  She co-chairs our Book Club.


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Like most environmental groups, we would do well to diversity ourselves further than we have.  We're especially interested in younger people and POC.


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