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The most powerful tool you possess to affect change is your right to vote.  Visit to register to vote or, if you've moved, update your registration.  Urge your friends and family to join you.

Due to COVID-19, this year's primary elections will be on June 23rd.  Everyone may vote by mail, using an absentee ballot, IF you request one, here, no later than June 15th.  Why not stop to do so now? 

Nominate Art Williams for Public Service Commissioner

The Ky. Public Service Commission (PSC) makes critical decisions regarding electric and natural gas utilities.  It's governed by state and federal laws—and three Commissioners appointed by the governor.  One Commissioner’s term expires soon.  LCAN nominates Arthur L. Williams, former head of the Metro Louisville Air Pollution Control District, to fill that post.  Why? 

Art led the development of Louisville’s successful, results-driven air toxics reduction program.  He’s a skilled attorney who can work through complicated laws and regulations—and innovate.  Before APCD, he worked for state government, enforcing environmental laws.  Besides knowing how to get things done within government, Art long has worked for climate action, including at UN climate-treaty negotiations.


Please send email with "PSC Nomination" in the subject line to Gov. Beshear via Meg Gesner (  Say something like, “I nominate Arthur L. Williams to the Public Service Commissioner position expiring on July 1st, because [one of the above qualifications or another from Art’s resume].” 

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Marsha W.

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