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Spend less on utilities, more on mission.

Nearly every small business and non-profit organization has to stretch its budget.  None should spend any more on utility bills than necessary. 


LCAN's technical staff assists non-profits, congregations and the occasional small business with cutting their carbon footprints and utility costs using some form of the following process, as makes sense for them:

lg&e bill.jpg


LCAN asks most clients to authorize us to enter their utility bills into the respected USEPA's Energy Star Portfolio Manager software to help us analyze and benchmark their use of gas, electricity, water, sewer and drainage services.  At minimum, we'll need a sample LG&E bill.  We also look for any billing-classification or other errors (possibly yielding a windfall savings).  Lastly, after Step 4, below, clients may be asked to authorize LCAN to receive digital copies of their utility bills for two years after recommendations have been implemented, so we can quantify effectiveness.

water heater guy.jpg


LCAN's technical staff makes a site visit to look for savings opportunities, from site-specific no- and low-cost steps to larger, capital projects with reasonable returns-on-investment and payback periods.  We ask clients to provide an escort to unlock doors, explain to staff why we're looking around, etc.

people looking at clipboard.png


LCAN provides a written, illustrated report, itemizing recommended site-specific savings opportunities and noting which recommendations are eligible for LG&E-KU rebates.  If at least one rebate-eligible recommendation is implemented, the audit also is eligible for a 25% rebate. 

Architects at Work


LCAN can assist with identifying reliable contractors, soliciting and reviewing bids, overseeing the selected contractors' work and reviewing invoices prior to payment.  Need to make unexpected, time-sensitive decisions on a major capitol expenditure, such as replacing a failed water heater?  Want to consider adding solar panels?  We can help. 

Cash, Check and Credit Card.jpg


After rebate-eligible recommendations have been installed, LCAN can file the required two-step paperwork for all applicable rebates.

Energy Star Logo.png


Optional:  Want your customers and clients to know you care about their climate and environmental health?  Consider applying to become an Energy Star certified building, so you may display this logo on it.  LCAN can assist with that process, including the licensed, Professional Engineer's role. 

These fee-based services have fast pay-backs!

A limited number of non-profit clients enrolled in our Urban Energy Partnership are eligible for no-cost services and implementation subsidies.


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