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Feedback from past clients

What our most recent Urban Energy Partnership clients said about LCAN Services

Thanks to LCAN’s energy audit and financial support, we were able to upgrade part of our building to LED lighting, install programmable thermostats and make lots of other efficiency improvements.  Our LG&E bill now averages 50% less per month than last year, and our church is no longer at risk of closing.  We couldn’t be more grateful.

Linda Leanhart, Treasurer

St. Stephen United Church of Christ

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Most of the lighting in our childcare center was different, so to have the whole building with the same lighting now has been wonderful.  It was such an easy process – and until the new LEDs were installed, we had no idea what we were missing!

Gigi Hildenbrand, Asst. Director

Highland Community Ministries

Eastern Star Child Care Center


LCAN replaced over 130 fluorescent tube lamps with LEDs for us at La Casita.  This upgrade would not have been possible without LCAN’s initiative, guidance and financial support.  The immediate improvement in lighting has been excellent!  Now, we look forward to much longer life for our lighting, lower power consumption, and lower operating costs.

Tom Gurucharri, Facilities Coordinator

La Casita Center


LCAN’s relamping project made St. John Center a brighter and safer space for both staff and clients.  They only relamped part of our building and we’re already saving $750 annually.

Ra’Shann Martin, Executive Director

St. John Center


LCAN’s support for relamping our gymnasium with energy efficient, long-lasting LED lamps has made this popular space brighter and more welcoming.  Additionally, overhead costs and maintenance time both are reduced because the fixtures LCAN provided use less electricity and the tube lamps don’t need to be replaced as often.

Eli Levine, Facilities Manager

Cabbage Patch Settlement House


Neighborhood House is extremely grateful for our partnership with Louisville Climate Action Network.  With LCAN's financial support and technical guidance, we were able to upgrade the lighting in our Child Development Center which has provided both staff and children with a warmer, more welcoming environment.

Martha Fuson, Deputy Director

Neighborhood House

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