SLC at First Unitarian Podium, 2017.06.2

Sarah Lynn Cunningham,
Co-Founder & Exec. Director

Sarah Lynn is a licensed environmental engineer, educator and, for 50 years, activist.  (She started young, and is older than she looks!)  She holds two interdisciplinary degrees from UofL: a Bachelor in Applied Science in environmental engineering and an MS in environmental education and environmental history.  After retiring from civil service, she began applying her practical experience to achieving clients’ energy efficiency and renewable energy goals.  After joining the int'l Climate Reality Project and being licensed by Al Gore to give her version of "An Inconvenient Truth," she co-founded Louisville CAN.  Besides teaching for LCAN, she teaches Building Operator Certification courses.

Bell, Flip, 1.JPG

Walter "Flip" Bell,
Energy Assessor

Flip graduated with a BS and MS from the University of Kentucky (UK) and began his career teaching math and physics.  He co-founded the Louisville Resource Conservation Council (LRCC) in 1990 to assist nonprofit and municipal agencies with improving their energy efficiency, including water consumption.  He earned the Certified Energy Manager credential from the Association of Energy Engineers.  For the City of Louisville, LRCC initiated the city’s first community-wide inventory of greenhouse-gas emissions.  Flip assists LCAN with providing energy efficiency services to services-program clients.


Agastya Mishra, Kids Books Project Contributor

Agastya Mishra is a sixth grader at Meyzeek Middle School.  His passion is protecting our environment.  After reading about climate change and realizing that his generation's future is at stake, he decided he wanted to make a positive difference.  Lucky for LCAN, his research led him to LCAN.  He agreed to work on helping us to stock the shelves of our website's Kids Books and Videos pages.  Besides volunteering for LCAN, he spends his time on computers, music, sports, hanging out with his friends and "build stuff."

Tilford, Monique, with fill light Aug 29

Monique Tilford,
Deputy Director

Over the past 25 years, Monique has worked as executive director for three environmental nonprofits, managing up to 20 staff, and helped raise tens of millions of dollars as development director or director of major gifts.  She also co-authored The New York Times best-selling book, “Your Money or Your Life” (2008 edition).  She has been on numerous boards, most recently serving as an elected elder at her church.  She earned her BA from George Washington University.  After spending much of her career in Washington, DC, she moved to Louisville in 2014 with her husband and two girls.  In her capacity as LCAN's Deputy Director, Monique oversees Services programming and fundraising.

James Chism.jpg

James Chism,
IT Manager

James retired after working 30+ years in the tech industry, ensuring that customers' telecommunication networks were working securely, kept up-to-date and meeting their needs.  Now, James does the same for LCAN.  His role is especially important to our Services programming, because we necessarily need to have access to clients' private information.  James also helps with maintaining LCAN's new pollinator garden behind our office, including supervising student volunteers.  


Ohlman, Head Shot.HEIC

Roger Ohlman,
Energy Analyst

After 43 years in the banking industry, Roger felt called to focus on climate and anti-racism initiatives.  He recently received a Kilowatt Crackdown award for his work with the Louisville Nature Center (LNC), where he first found ways to lower its utility bills, then assisted with installing solar panels, resulting in LNC achieving net-zero status!  With a small team of church members, he now helps First Unitarian Church in similar ways.  For LCAN, Roger analyzes clients’ energy usage to find ways to improve efficiency and lower costs.



Phyllis Fitzgerald, Energy Conservation Educator

Phyllis has used her Bachelor and Master of Education degrees from UK and UofL, respectively, to design and teach energy conservation for decades.  Using no-to-low-cost techniques and lifestyle changes, she has presented conservation programs on WAVE3 TV and WCHQ radio, and while working for the nonprofit Environmental Alternatives, Inc., LG&E and Metro Air Pollution Control District.  Besides teaching weekly workshops at Dismas Charities St. Ann Center in West Louisville, Phyllis leads LCAN’s conservation workshops, focused on showing participants ways to lower their utility bills—and cool the planet.