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How to Go Solar at Your Home or Business

It's not too late to tap the sun for clean solar power.  Yes, the state may change net-metering rules in regressive ways as soon as April, but there's still time to install and receive net-metering with full parity and the 26% federal tax credit!

Attend one of LCAN's "B4UBuy" workshops.  You'll visit an existing, easy to see system, then come indoors for tips and consumer advice, as well as get answers to your questions. 


Saturday, January 18th at 10am


Saturday, January 25th at 1pm

Seating is limited, so registration is required, here.  The location will depend on the weather and be sent to registrants a day or two in advance.

How to Insulate Your Home or Small Business

Has the cost of heating put a big hole in your budget? Insulating your home permanently lowers your utility bills. Check out our class covering tips for insulating your attic well and cost effectively; suitable for small businesses too.

Join LCAN at the Highland-Shelby Park Library at 1:00PM Saturday, February 8th for a free, B4UBuy presentation by engineer and LCAN Executive Director Sarah Lynn Cunningham covering tips for replacing your heating system.

From Smoke-Filled Skies to Smoke-Filled Rooms:

Louisville's Battles Over the "Smoke Evil"

Louisville has struggled with air pollution since the late-19th Century.  The story of how we addressed those problems shows us how we can address greenhouse-gas pollution, too. 

Join LCAN at the Highland-Shelby Park Library at 1:00PM Saturday, April 4th for a free presentation by LCAN Executive Director Sarah Lynn Cunningham, including amazing historical photos and anecdotes, and reasons for hope about the climate.

Request a Speaker 

We offer free presentations on climate change and its many solutions to students and community groups.  Each one is tailored to the audience.