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Save energy while preparing healthier meals.


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Buy Efficient, Right-Sized Appliances

Determine the smallest size appliance to meet your needs, then choose an Energy Star rated model of that size.  Operate appliances efficiently.  Learn more.  Keep a lid on pots on the stove.  Use a toaster, microwave or slow cooker instead of a full-sized oven, when you can. 

Buy Local Food

The typical meal travels 1,500 miles to our table.  Locally produced food cuts your carbon footprint, and supports local family farmers.  Plus, it's fresher and tastes better than food hauled or flown from afar. 


  • Ask your grocer about Kentucky Proud foods. 

  • For a complete list of farmers' markets and schedules (some are open year-round).  Note:  Check your county in the blue menu. 

  • Buy a share in a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) farm.   

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Eat Less Meat

We all have emotional ties to our food, making gradual dietary changes most sustainable.  If you eat meat, buy locally produced meat to reduce its carbon footprint, like, grass-fed beef and free-range chicken.  Reduce how much meat you eat by using it for flavoring or adopting Meatless Mondays.  Your health will benefit, too.  Vegetarian and vegan cookbooks abound, but you also might enjoy asking friends for their favorite meatless recipes. 

Use Efficient Bakeware

If you use glass or ceramic bakeware, you may lower the recipe's baking temperature by 25º F, while keeping the same baking time).  Use the oven light instead of opening the oven door while baking. 


Refrigerator Tips

Keep your refrigerator between 37ºF to 39 ºF, and your freezer, 0ºF to 5ºF.


If your refrigerator has to work harder to remove moisture coming evaporating from uncovered food or drinks, it uses extra power.  Reusable, lidded containers pay back cash and keep food fresher.   

If you close the door on a dollar bill and can pull it out effortlessly, the door seal needs replacing or the door latch needs adjustment. 

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Recycle the Old Fridge in the Garage

Rather than keeping your old, inefficient refrigerator in your garage to keep beer cold when you're hosting company, give it up for recycling and use iced coolers when entertaining.  Future generations will thank you.  (Don't forget to remove the door, before setting it out for pick-up, so kids can't get locked in and suffocate.)


Washing Dishes by Hand?

If you have a two-basin sink, fill one basin with hot soapy water and rinse in batches with cold water in the other basin.  If you have one big basin, wash in a large plastic bin and rinse outside it.  Either way, don't leave the rinse water running as you wash.  (Hand-washing makes sense when you have only a few dirty dishes.  But don't feel guilty about using a dishwasher if you fill it fairly full, especially if you use its "eco" or air-dry setting; it likely uses less water and heating fuel than hand-washing a big batch.)

For info on energy-efficient refrigerators, stoves, dishwashers:

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