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Tips for saving energy in the kitchen.


Buy Efficient, Right-Sized Appliances

Decide the smallest size appliance that will meet your needs.  Then, choose an Energy Star rated model within that range.  Operate appliances efficiently.  Learn more.

Buy Local Food

The typical meal now travels 1,500 miles to our plates! Local food is fresher and tastes better than food hauled from far away.


Eat Less Meat

Most of us have emotional ties to our food, making dietary changes most successful if evolved gradually.  Meat and foods imported from far away have high carbon footprints.  Buying locally is especially important when buying meat.  Try to reduce how much meat you eat, say, by using it as a condiment or trying Meatless Mondays.  Your health and the planet will benefit.  Vegetarian and vegan cookbooks abound, but you also might enjoy asking friends for their favorite meatless recipes. 

Use Efficient Bakeware

Bake in glass or ceramic bakeware when you can, so you can reduce the oven temperature by 25 degrees -- especially helpful in warmer weather -- and still bake for the minutes in the recipe.