Simple steps to help you cut your carbon and costs.

Turn It Off If You're Not Using It

Isn't it what would Mom say?

What Mom might not have said:  If it has an instant on or digital clock, turning it off might not be sufficient.  See the next tip, below.

Power Strips

Appliances and equipment with LEDs and instant-on features use power even when turned "off," unless you plug them into a power strip and turn it off instead.

Green Power

LG&E-KU sells Renewable Energy Credit or "Green Power" from wind turbines in So. Illinois for as little as $5/mo added to your bill. ​ This program is independently audited to ensure legitimacy.  LCAN believes green power is one of the best investments you can make. 


(LCAN sees it as fairer to consumers than LG&E's "Solar Share" program, which is over-priced and signals solar power is too costly.

Energy Star

Energy Star models use less power than comparable models, say, among refrigerators of the same size and with the same features. Buying an Energy Star-rated appliance often cost a bit extra, but any price premium will pay for itself quickly.  We offer more information on HVAC, water heaters and appliances.  


Lighting uses more power than you might realize.  And because incandescent bulbs are being phased out, it's time to switch them and fluorescent lamps to LEDs.  Our lighting page offers power- and money-saving tips.

Don't forget to dust your light bulbs to boost output.

Ceiling Fans

Using a ceiling fan in an occupied room allows you to adjust the thermostat 2°F higher in summer and 2°F degrees lower in winter and remain comfortable.  Don't worry about switching the direction of the fan's blades, if you don't have a step ladder.

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