Solar Power Needs Your Voice

Why are Kentucky's electric utility monopolies spending millions to kill net-metering*, when state law requires them to net-meter customers' solar power only up to 1% of their total customers' power use? 

These monopolies are seeking permission to adopt complicated rate structures that would make net-metering a rip-off, discourage new customer investment in solar power, kill solar industry jobs and keep customers dependent on dirty power.

The cost of solar panels has dropped so much since that requirement was adopted, more and more customers are investing in solar power.  The utilities are feeling threatened, but its our threatened climate we should be protecting. 

Kentucky's electric utility monopolies are working hard to kill competition from their customers' solar power.  Please help! 

The first such case is before the Ky. Public Service Commission (PSC).  The outcome will influence what utilities across Kentucky are allowed to do.  Please help fight this greed.

Submit e-Mail Comments:  Send your email to, NLT 11:59pm, Tuesday, November 17th.  Be sure your subject line includes, "Case #2020-00174."

  1. Begin with why customers' solar power, energy freedom, climate action or solar jobs matter to you

  2. Ask the PSC to require the utility companies to prove their still unsubstantiated claims that solar net metering harms other customers via the usual "cost-of-service study," not simply to take the utility's word for it.  The public interest isn't served without this sort of transparency.

  3. Tell the PSC that allowing utilities to increase their mandatory, flat meter fees imposes a perverse incentive against investments in energy efficiency.

  4. Thank the Public Service Commission for its service. 

Ask your friends and family to join you in exercising your civic muscle.

* "Net-metering with parity" refers to the current requirement that electric utilities give customers credit on a 1-to-1 basis for their excess, daytime solar power, to offset the customers' night-time power use.  Studies say it's a good deal for utilities, who sell afternoon power for much more than they sell power at night.  Each Kentucky utility must comply only until their customers generate 1% of their system's power demand; though none has come close, they want to nip "energy freedom" in the bud. 

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