Net-Metering Needs Your Voice

Kentucky's electric utility monopolies spent hundreds of thousands of dollars in 2017 and again in 2018 to try to persuade the state's General Assembly to kill net-metering* requirements, but were unsuccessful.  But 

Rep. DuPlessis and HB 323's Republican and Democratic co-sponsors recognize the need for

energy freedom and aim to protect the jobs of the many Kentuckians working in the solar industry. 


Please help them support solar power and those jobs:

after the utilities contributed $327,050 to the 2018 re-election campaigns of key legislators, their bill to kill net metering passed during the last hour of the 2019 session.  The key problem with that utility-written bill is it limits the Public Service Commission in ways harmful to customers and the climate. 

House Bill 323, sponsored by Rep. Jim DuPlessis (R - Hardin County), now before our legislature, would require electric utilities to extend net-metering with parity* to new solar customers for 10 more years!

  1. Call the Legislative Message Line (7am--9pm on Mondays-Thursdays and 7am--6pm on Fridays)

  2. Leave a message for the "House Natural Resources Committee," urging them to "give HB 323 a fair hearing and a YES vote."  Briefly, add why net-metering with parity matters to you.

  3. If you're a registered Republican or Independent voter, are a businessperson or are concerned about creation care, ask the receptionist to tell them so. 

  4. Leave another message thanking Rep. DePlessis, Brenda, Graviss, Hart, Rothenberger and Sorolis for sponsoring HB 323.  

  5. Leave one more message asking your Representative to co-sponsor HB 323. 

  6. Thank the receptionist for assisting your engagement with your government. 

  7. Ask your friends and family to join you in exercising your civic muscle.

* "Net-metering with parity" refers to the current requirement that electric utilities give customers credit on a 1-to-1 basis for their excess, daytime solar power, to offset the customers' night-time power use.  Studies say it's a good deal for utilities, who sell afternoon power for much more than they sell power at night.  Each Kentucky utility must comply only until their customers generate 1% of their system's power demand; though none has come close, they want to nip "energy freedom" in the bud. 

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