LG&E wants approval to raise and change its rates in ways to limit your control over your bill through conservation, efficiency and solar power.

LG&E filed another case with the Ky. Public Service Commission (PSC), seeking permission to raise and restructure its rates in regressive, anti-consumer ways.  (Its sister utility, Kentucky Utilities, did, too.)   If it has its way, all customers will pay high, mandatory service fees, just to be connected to its services, regardless of how much of those services we use. 

The utilities want to put more costs on the mandatory, fixed service fee, which we must pay regardless of how much we invest in energy efficiency or solar power, water heating, etc. LCAN believes its unfair to charge customers who put on sweaters, weatherize, invest in more efficient appliances and live in small homes as much as it charges folks who live in much bigger homes and use much more utilities.  And that it's especially unfair to renters and low-income folks who have limited control of how much power and guas their homes requires. 

Please make your voice heard:

WHAT:  PSC Public Hearing on Case No. 2018-00295

WHEN:  Thursday, February 21st, 5:30pm (public comments at 6:30pm)

WHERE:  Jefferson Community & Technical College's Health Sciences Auditorium, 110 W Chestnut St.  Most accessible via TARC routes 2, 4, 21 and 23.  Free bicycle and car parking on the Broadway side of building.


Can't make it?  Please send email to info@psc.ky.gov and include "Case 2018-00295" in the subject line.

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