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Cutting your water use, carbon footprint and costs.

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Great Showers, Save Water, Too

Install inexpensive low-flow shower heads, labeled, "WaterSense," or as using 2.5 gallons/minute or less. They pay for themselves very quickly, because you'll save water and energy to run your water heater.  Want a fuller feeling shower?  Choose an aerating model.  

Faucet Aerators

Install inexpensive faucet aerators, labeled, "WaterSense," or as using 1.5 gallons/minute.  They cost a few dollars, are easy to install, save water and pay for themselves quickly. Since they use less hot water, they help the climate, too.

Pipe Wrap

Wrap your hot water pipes, from just above the water heater to wherever they are no longer accessible, with inexpensive foam pipe wrap.  Be sure to buy it for the diameter of your water pipes, usually 1/2- or 3/4-inch.  It's pre-scored, like a bagel, and can be opened with your finger or butter knife.  Use a kitchen knife to cut it on a bevel for going around 90-degree bends.


Most plants need one inch of water each week.  Watering deeply once weekly is better than watering shallowly every day or so.  Soaker hoses are more efficient than sprinklers and irrigation systems.  Watering in the evening is more effective than during the day.

Fix Leaks

A dripping faucet or showerhead wastes water, if not water heating fuel, and inflates your utility bills.  Try these instructions for fixing one yourself.