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Growing taller native species should be legal.

THANKS to everyone who lent their voice.

The full Louisville Metro Council unanimously adopted revisions to the local "Weeds Ordinance!"  Thanks to everyone who lent political muscle.  It's now legal to landscape with taller native wildflowers.  We especially congratulate LCAN board member Margaret Carreiro, who worked so hard on this effort. 

How does natural landscaping, especially with native plants, help us and the planet?

  • Reduced air pollution, dust and noise from mowers and blowers

  • Improved water quality, since they require much less fertilizer and pesticide

  • Increased on-site stormwater retention

  • Reduced water consumption for irrigation, since they are naturally suited to both our wetter and drier periods

  • Enhanced habitat for beneficial wildlife—from birds to pollinating insects—required for healthy ecosystems and productive fruit trees and vegetable gardens

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