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Transportation creates about a third of US greenhouse gases.

Need an automobile?  Choose the greenest option you can.

LCAN envisions a Louisville whose transportation planners focus on moving people instead of automobiles, and where most residents won't need a private automobile to get around.  You may know someone who's given up cars for walking, biking, carpooling and taking TARC.  If you can't join them, you can reduce your carbon and costs by choosing wisely.  

If buying a new car, visit for lists of the greenest cars of the model year and the greenest cars by automobile type.

To compare new and/or used cars, use this USEPA tool.


Louisville's speed limit is 25 mph unless otherwise posted. 


Drive Efficiently

There are lots of ways to operate whatever automobile you have more efficiently, so you get more miles out of the fuel or power you put into your vehicle.  Maintaining proper tire pressure, described below, is just one example.  Learn lots of no-cost tips for getting more miles from your fuel.

Check Your Tires

Most automobiles' tires are under-inflated, reducing fuel efficiency and creating unnecessary emissions.  It's especially likely in colder weather.  Look on the sidewalls of your tires for their proper inflation (in pounds per square-inch or PSI).  Once a month use a gauge to check your inflation and adjust as needed.


Consider an Electric Vehicle

Even if relying on coal-fired power, electric vehicles (EVs) cause less much pollution per mile than comparable ICE (internal combustion engine) models.  EVs with the same, 300-mile range of an ICE vehicle are common now, and charging options are expanding quickly.  Some new and used EVs earn tax credits!


Top Tips for EV Road Trips

Thinking about making your next automobile an electric vehicle (EV), but suffering from "range anxiety"?  Consider that EV options with the same 300-mile range as internal combustion engine (ICE) model are increasingly the norm.  But what about when you need to go off the beaten path?  Consider our "Top Tips for EV Road Trips."

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