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Simple steps to help you cut your carbon and costs.

Whether you celebrate Chanukah, Winter Solstice, Christmas, Kwanzaa or them all, you can take these steps to celebrate with a smaller carbon footprint:

Family Dinner

If you plan ahead, your family's holiday meal menu can include several locally raised items.  Learn more about shrinking your meal's "food miles," here.

Christmas Preparations

Which is better, an artificial tree or a cut, live tree?  One study compared the natural/energy resources each requires, and concluded an artificial tree is better IF you use it for at least 5-6 years.  So choose a cut tree from the most local grower you can or an artificial tree made to last a while.  (Bringing a live, balled tree into a warm, dry house, then planting it successfully isn't easy, so read here before trying that option.)

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Whether a menorah, indoor or outdoor Christmas lights or Kwaanza kinara, switch to LED bulbs to save lots of energy and money.  They're safer, too.   

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