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It's one of the most influential things you can do.

Share Fewer Facts, More Values

Most people are influenced by others whom they see as having something in common with themselves.  It could be anything, such as a favorite sports team, shared religious beliefs or love for their kids or grandkids. 


When it comes to getting climate-change doubters and deniers to share your climate concerns, facts alone probably won't help much.  Showing them what you both have in common and sharing what the impacts of climate change mean to you, your family or whomever or whatever else matters to you is much more likely to be persuasive.


Click this TED Talk image of Dr. Katherine Hayhoe, climate scientist living in very conservative area, to watch her tell how she learned to bridge the climate gaps.  Or read this version.


The 48-pp Psychology of Climate Change Communication:  A Guide for Scientists, Journalists, Educators, Political Aides and the Interested Public is from Columbia University's Center for Research on Environmental Decisions.  It's easy to read, and available free, as a digital download or hard copy

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We also recommend, "Everything We Know about How to Talk about Climate Change," from on-line magazine, Grist.

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Need to talk to your kids?  Try the suggestions in, "Mom, Are We Going To Die? How to Talk to Kids about Hard Things Like COVID-19 and Climate Change," by Sabrina Shankman of InsideClimate News.

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