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Simple steps to reduce the costs of doing laundry.

Save Water, Save Money, Save the Planet

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  • Wash with cold water.  (Modern detergents are designed to work well in cold water.)  Doing so not only saves energy, but reduces shrinkage and wear-and-tear on your clothing, too.

  • Wash full loads, or use the smaller load settings.

  • Dry in loads right-sized for your dryer.  Use its moisture sensor if it has one.  It may make sense to wash more than one load, by color, then dry them by fabric type.  For example, dry towels and jeans in one load and thinner shirts and underwear in another. 

  • Clean the lint filter after every load.  Make sure the outside vent closes when you're not running the dryer.

  • Air-dry, indoors or out, when you can.  Besides saving energy, your clothes will last longer.  This site has time-saving tips for line drying with minimal wrinkles.


  • For more tips on saving energy in the laundry room, click here.

For info on energy- and water-efficient washers & dryers:

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