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Wise choices cut carbon and costs!

Plan Ahead

Don't wait until you find leak stains on a ceiling.  Have your roofing inspected if you see lifted or missing shingles.  (Our increasingly severe storms have led manufacturers to shorten warranties on Fiberglas or "asphalt" roofing; shingles with a 30-year warranty a decade ago now have only a 20-year warranty.)

TIP:  Use binoculars to inspect your roof from the ground, where you'll likely see lifted shingles more clearly than from higher up.  Ask neighbors living in homes with two or more floors if you may view your roof from their windows.

Choose a Roofing Type

  • Fiberglas (also called asphalt) shingles, shown in the banner photo at the top of this page, are the most common for most Louisville homes.  If you choose them, consider more reflective Energy Star rated shingles

  • Metal roofing is becoming more popular, due to its greater durability.  Options include standing seam, as well as preformed aluminum sheets and shingles of a range of styles and colors.   

Metal Shingle Roofing, 1160534658.jpg
  • Monolithic roofing makes sense in certain locations, such as when you want to save an older "tin" roof or in especially windward locations.  It can be made in any color you want. 

  • Membrane roofing is often ideal for the flatter roofs of commercial buildings.  Choose white for its high albedo or reflective nature. 




If you replace your roofing with Fiberglas shingles, aim to buy "dimensional or architectural shingles," like shown above.  They generally offer 20% more protection from the elements, yet cost only about 10%, because the labor is essentially the same.

If you have installed or plan to install foam insulation on the undersides of your roof and inside faces of your gables, tell your roofer you do not want ridge vents.  Some roofers believe this approach invalidates the manufacturer's warranty, but it's not true.  Learn more on venting here.

Roof-Ridge-Vent-Being-Installed, 147683

Choose a Roofing Color

Whichever type of roofing you choose, you'll have color choices.  Choose the lightest color you can, since the temperature difference between lighter versus darker roofing colors can be as much as 100 degrees F!  And the cooler the roof, the lower your AC bills. 

Fiberglas-Shingle-Colors, 1028599170.jpg
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