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Cut your carbon, costs AND taxes!

The Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 offers tax credits on investments in energy efficiency and renewable power.

Tax credits cover many investments in energy efficiency and solar panels for your home or business -- as well as the purchase of new and used electric vehicles -- made in 2023 thru 2032. 
Renters are eligible for some programs, too.
Energy efficiency investments can earn as much as $10,000, but not all in one tax year.  Do your homework and plan wisely, using LCAN's B4UBuy Strategy.   
Click here for more info on residential tax credits.
For residential energy efficiency upgrades and solar panels, use IRS Form 5695 per these instructions.
For qualified electric vehicle purchases, use IRS Form 8936 per these instructions


Some of these tax-credit rules are complicated, so LCAN is drafting fact sheets for your consideration.  The first is on buying a new or used electric vehicle and available, here

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Find B4UBuy workshops on our Events page.  Don't see what you need, when you need it?  Submit the Contact Us form, below, to tell us your needs. 

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