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Cut your carbon and costs, as you get where you need to go.

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Getting Around

Many of our neighbors don't get around by driving an automobile.  Those of us who do can help them -- and ourselves -- simply by obeying speed limits and traffic signals, and keeping sidewalks, crosswalks and bus zones free of obstructions.  (If you park in a bus pick-up zone, drivers cannot extend the bus lift to the curb to pick up disabled riders.)

These ways of getting around help your health and our climate:



Let a professional do the driving, and arrive relaxed.  TARC (Transit Authority of River City) has routes throughout Louisville.  All TARC coaches are equipped with bicycle racks.  Studies have shown that just walking to and from the bus stop leads most adults to lose weight slowly--the most durable way.  Visit TARC for route maps, schedules, fare information and more.


Ride Your Bike

Bike riding is free, healthy, good for the climate and fun.  Louisville has a range of bike infrastructure, from segregated bike routes, marked lanes and designated streets.  (Only kids 12 years old or younger may ride on sidewalks.)  In some places, there are bicycles you can rent via a smart phone.  You can put your bike on any TARC bus for part of your route. Learn more from Bike Louisville.



Carpooling was considered patriotic during WWII.  Let's make it patriotic again.  Every Commute Counts offers information on carpooling, van-pooling and much more

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