Don't Sweat It:  Tips for Replacing Your AC

The hottest weather brings on air conditioner failures.  The Louisville Climate Action Network will offer tips on replacing your old unit with a more efficient model, sized to your needs, to cut your carbon and costs.  This presentation will be given by Sarah Lynn Cunningham, PE.

When: Wednesday, July 31, from 7:00-8:30PM

Where: Highland-Shelby Park branch library, Mid-City Mall, 1250 Bardstown Rd.  This location is accessible via TARC routes 17, 21, 23 and 24.

Photo by Mickie Winters, for Louisville Magazine

We plan to open our EcoDepot: The Center for Cutting Carbon & Costs in 2019. 


​We'll offer renters, homeowners and small businesses lots of ways to learn about how they can cut their carbon emissions, and utility and fuel costs.

Our Latest Project

B4UBuy: Insulating Your Home or Small Business

Has the cost of heating put a big hole in your budget? Insulating your home permanently lowers your utility bills. Check out our class covering tips for insulating your attic well and cost effectively; suitable for small businesses too.

Join LCAN at the Highland-Shelby Park Library at 1:00PM Saturday, February 8th for a free, B4UBuy presentation by engineer and LCAN Executive Director Sarah Lynn Cunningham covering tips for replacing your heating system.

From Smoke-Filled Skies to Smoke-Filled Rooms: Louisville's Battles Over the "Smoke Evil"

Louisville has struggled with air pollution since the late-19th Century.  The story of how we addressed those problems shows us how we can address greenhouse-gas pollution, too. 

Join LCAN at the Highland-Shelby Park Library at 1:00PM Saturday, April 4th for a free presentation by LCAN Executive Director Sarah Lynn Cunningham, including amazing historical photos and anecdotes, and reasons for hope for our climate.

Greener Holidays

Whether you celebrate Chanukah, Winter Solstice, Christmas, Kwanzaa or them all, take steps to do so with a smaller carbon footprint.  Try these top tips:

  1. If you want to decorate with a live tree, then plant it outdoors, take this (entertaining, smart) advice from Yew Dell Garden's Paul Cappiello.

  2. If you buy a cut tree, skip the shiny "icicles" so it can be mulched and composted after the holidays

  3. If you decorate with lights, choose LEDs and turn them off before you go to bed.

  4. Plan meals using more local ingredients

  5. Wrap gifts with plain paper neither shiny nor plasticized, so it can be recycled.  Better, wrap in reusable fabric, such as a bandana, towel, etc.

  6. If you receive a gift that replaces a current possession, ensure that someone else can use it

  7. Have folks on your list who don't need more stuff?  Donate to LCAN and your favorite local environmental groups in their honor!

Nominate Art Williams for Public Service Commissioner

The Ky. Public Service Commission (PSC) makes critical decisions regarding electric and natural gas utilities.  It's governed by state and federal laws—and three Commissioners appointed by the governor.  One Commissioner’s term expires soon.  LCAN nominates Arthur L. Williams, former head of the Metro Louisville Air Pollution Control District, to fill that post.  Why? 

Art led the development of Louisville’s successful, results-driven air toxics reduction program.  He’s a skilled attorney who can work through complicated laws and regulations—and innovate.  Before APCD, he worked for state government, enforcing environmental laws.  Besides knowing how to get things done within government, Art long has worked for climate action, including at UN climate-treaty negotiations.


Please send email with "PSC Nomination" in the subject line to Gov. Beshear via Meg Gesner (  Say something like, “I nominate Arthur L. Williams to the Public Service Commissioner position expiring on July 1st, because [one of the above qualifications or another from Art’s resume].” 

Can We Save Native Species in Cities?

From bees to birds to bats, species around the world are threatened at unprecedented rates.  Many people feel powerless to help, because they assume nature can be sustained only in large parks and reserves.  Professor Margaret Carreiro will explain how you can protect native species by weaving them into your home's gardens and landscaping, creating food webs and friendly habitat for native species, especially pollinators and birds.  Community conservation is all about keeping our common species common. 


Dr. Carreiro is retired from UofL's Biology Dept., where her research focused on how urban environments affect nature in cities and suburbs.  Besides giving talks on ecological topics, she continues to advocate for nature by serving on the boards of Wild Ones Louisville Chapter, Louisville Audubon Society and LCAN. 

Greater Louisville Sierra Club

Tuesday, June 15th, 7pm

Register for a link here

Can't make it, but want to learn more?  Visit our Videos, Gardening, Landscaping and Pollinators web pages.


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